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Why flavours fail & how to fix it

Flavouring is not easy, and it forms your competitive advantage.

While curating a new product, it’s not one of the most critical variants but rather the most important one. Thus, making it crucial to get it right.

Flavours are not only the first ‘moment of truth’ but also a pillar your product stands on!

Getting it right!

76% of the products are taken off the shelves in less than a year because of a few off notes in the flavour.

Taste matters!

88% of the products in the F&B Industry are sold because their flavours sit and taste well. Taste has to be the key focus!

Consistent consistency!

Excellent and consistent flavours help your product achieve consistency, leading to consumers’ loyalty to the brand.

How are we doing it right?

Concentrated and consistent flavours

Everything changes with time but our flavours don’t. We continue to produce the same notes in our flavours with our timeless formulations

Consumer centric customizations

One hat does not fit all and thus our highly skilled flavourists work hard with you until you achieve your desired taste.

Responsibly sourced ingredients

All our ingredients are responsibly sourced and ethically assembled to ensure everybody grows together.

Let us help you get it right!

Get in touch with our team and we’ll help you with a flavour you can call ‘yours’!