From its humble beginning since 1966 Gogia Chemical Industries has today grown into a well managed professionally driven organization of more than 100 people with its reach spread all across the globe providing quality solution to the Food Industry.

Our company is ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP certified & now has established itself to be one of the best qualified suppliers of essential oils, natural raw materials, aroma chemicals & formulation supports. Our brand PEACOCK has high brand recall among its clients.

Bakery, Confectionery, Soft Drink, Pharmaceutical, Alcoholic Beverage
Manufacturer of Savoury Flavourings for Snacks Foods, Sauces, Namkeens & Convenience Foods
Anise Oil (Syn), Ajowan Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Cardamom Oil, Clove Oil
6-Methyl Coumarin, Propenyl Guaethol, Veratraldehyde, Zingerone etc.